12 January 2018

“Zanzibar is a very welcoming island. The people are really nice to you in the street as well as on the project, SOS Children’s Village.

Roger, the supervisor during your staying on Zanzibar, is a very nice and helpful person who makes your stay very relaxed. You do not have to worry about anything!

He is always willing to help you with anything you may need. Also Damaris, the matron, is very sweet. She cooks the nicest local meals for you.


The SOS- Children’s Village on Zanzibar is a very versatile project. Because there are only a small number of volunteers you can negotiate where you want to help. During my stay I helped at the school and the office while others are helping out at the clinic or the kindergarten. They really appreciated that I was open to assist wherever the help was needed. This made my stay interesting for me and helpful for them.


I would recommend everyone to make a trip to Chumbe Island. It is one of the most expensive trips available but this trip in combination with snorkeling makes it a really wonderful experience you will never forget.


Thank you all for everything!


Femke, 25 years old, Holland”