The Meru Deaf Unit is a governmental Primary school and was established in 1998 and hosts 13 employees total. The Meru deaf unit is one of the only deaf units all over Tanzania. The Meru Deaf unit is a well-supported deaf unit, receiving support from different countries all over the world, mainly Belgium & Denmark. The school takes 3- 4 volunteers at a time and has already quite a lot of experience with volunteers

When volunteering at the school it is a big must to be able to learn sign language, even if just a little bit. Swahili sign language has a lot of similarities with English sign language.

The Meru School is a Swahili curriculum school for the mainstream and deaf unit both from standard one to standard seven.


- The minimum age for a volunteer is 18 years old
- Volunteers can stay for a minimum of one month up to 6 months, depending on the skills.
- Proactive thinking and self- initiative expected
- Mastery of English language and knowledge of deaf language.
- No smoking and drinking when at the project

Grooming Standards
- It is important to cover knees and shoulders at school at all times.
- Male: t-shirt and long trousers (no jeans) is recommended.
- Female: t-shirt (no low-neck line or singlets) and trousers, skirts or dresses that cover the knees (no high splits in the skirt or dress that would reveal the knees or upper leg)