12 January 2018


I was volunteering in Tanzania at a primary school for two months. It was one of the best decisions I ever made!


Every  morning we woke up early to go the the project. At first we had a 30 minute walk to the city center, from there onwards we took the local dala dala bus to school. With six other volunteers I worked there. We red remedial classes, supported the teachers during the lessons or did them by our selves sometimes.

Sometimes it was a little bit difficult because of the language barrier but it worked out well and the teacher tried to translate as good and as much as possible.


My favorite lessons were Awali- Sports and Special- Needs sports. The children from the kindergarten were always really cute and wanted to hold our hands or touch our hair. They were really proud when “their” Mzungu (= white) teacher was holding their hands. The special needs class was very small but it was so amazing how they cared for each other and how much fun they had during the lessons. After school we went sometimes to the souvenir market, the supermarket or had a nice cup of coffee to relax a little bit.


At the weekends we had a lot of time to organize trips. My favorite trip was absolutely Moshi and the hotsprings! All in all I had a really great and good time in Tanzania and the other volunteers were really nice. It was really hard to say goodbye to them because we came so close, like a second family.


I would never regret this trip.


Lucy, Germany.