12 January 2018

“Back in the day, when I was still a little girl I always said; “Whenever I am grownup I am going to Africa to work in an orphanage”.

Of course, most of the time such a big wish won’t work out but this was alway my childhood dream. I got married very early, raised 4 children, I have currently 2 grandchildren……. and than… just like that there was the opportunity to get on a plane and make my dream come true!

I searched online and ran into Volunteer in Tanzania. Just the name already gave me goosebumps, I thought “They are waiting for me!”

I picked the perfect period of time for me, did all the arrangements that had to be made and prepared myself well and started with lots and LOTS of positivity my adventure. And a positive adventure it was!

I worked at the baby orphanage, an orphanage with only babies and toddlers. I had the time of my life. I came with a bunch of fundraising and bought piles of powdered milk for the babies, clothes and stuffed animals. I volunteers for six weeks with all the love and fun I had in me. I did everything with those lovely kids, changing diapers, nursing, washing feeding, cuddling, singing, going for a stroll and so on. I absolutely had the time of my life!

I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this adventure for not even a pile of gold. Those lovely snouts with always, day in day out a wide smile. Holey Moley, how much I am going to miss them!

In my spare time I enjoyed every minute of the beautiful Tanzania. An amazing country, friendly people and every night it was lovely coming back home in my home away from home; the volunteer lodge. Even though the majority is below 30 years old, everybody gets along very well. Volunteer in Tanzania arranged everything until the finishing details. They are always there for you. Besides that they take really good care for you and the food is delicious. With a broken heard I said my goodbyes to everyone.

Africa, I will be back”