Sandra Kliegelhoefer and Jens Fissenebert are born animal lovers and during their extensive travels they never could turn away from an animal in need.
In 2002 they had set off from Germany, in an old LandRover with their dog Luca towards Africa. In Croatia they rescued a street dog with a broken spine, they named him Jadran. By pure luck a Veterinary Professor was attending the nearby clinic and willing to operate on him. He was fitted with metallic screws to set the spine and had an opportunity to travel along the coastal region with Sandra and Jens who began his rehabilitation process through lots of relaxation and swimming in the ocean. Jadran made a full recovery after 3 months and joined their pack.

This first rescue 13 years ago was the start of a longer term goal to establish a centre with the purpose of rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing dogs in need. They built 5 kennels in 2012 that are operational today and have successfully re-homed about 200 dogs since, due to increased rabies cases, two Quarantine kennels had to be added in 2015.
In March 2015 Mbwa Wa Africa started a school education program which is based on a 3 month school term and is a combination of teaching English and animal welfare.


- The minimum age for a volunteer is 18 years old
- Volunteers can stay for a minimum of one month up to one year, depending on the skills.
- Passionate about animals of all kinds.
- You don’t mind getting messy.
- You are willing and able to work with limited resources
- Proactive thinking and self- initiative expected

Grooming Standards
- Male: old t-shirt and long trousers. A jeans or cargo pants is a must.
- Female: t-shirt (no low-neck line or singlets) and trousers.