Kaloleni Health Center is a small clinic in Arusha. The clinic includes different departments. The medical center has 10 beds available for their patients that have to spend a night. This is most of the time only one night as only small surgical procedures take place in Kaloleni Health Center.

Kaloleni Health Center receives only volunteers and internships with a medical background. Think about nurses, doctors, physiotherapists. They volunteer in different departments within the hospital. Kaloleni Hospital is hosting the following departments; Child Welfare, Maternity Department, Outpatient Unit, Observation Unit, Theater, Laboratory and Pharmacy.


- The minimum age for a volunteer is 18 years old
- You follow a training or a gratuated as a nurse, physiotherapist, midwife or other relevant medical training
- Volunteers can stay or a minimum of one month up 6 months.
- Proactive thinking and self- initiative expected
- Mastery of English language
- You have to cooperate to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate
- You are willing and able to work with limited resources
- It is not a problem for you to adapt to the local customs and to work with the local population

Grooming standards
- It is important to cover knees and shoulders at school at all times.
- Male: t-shirt and long trousers (no jeans) is recommended.
- Female: t-shirt (no low-neck line or singlets) and trousers, skirts or dresses that cover the knees (no high splits in the skirt or dress that would reveal the knees or upper leg).
- You always wear as a cover up a medical gown.