Ikirwa School was born out of a campfire conversation between a Tanzanian guide and a Russian-American tourist. The school opened its doors in January of 2013 and obtained the Tanzanian government registration by December of that year. Their vision is to develop a single-stream English-medium school by growing the academic program organically and pragmatically, adding one grade per year, while generating sufficient revenue to cover day-to-day operation and building a positive reputation in the community. They leverage volunteer and NGO resources to provide their students world-class academic instruction and education materials as well as career development opportunities for the teachers. The current enrollment stands at 110 students in in grades Nursery through Form 5.


- The minimum for a volunteer is 18 years old.
- Volunteers can stay for a minimum of 3 weeks up to one year, depending on the skills.
- Proactive thinking and self- initiative expected
- Adaptability, independent working
- No smoking and drinking when at the project
- Patience- time is a relative and communication and explanation will be slow
- You are willing and able to work with limited resources
- It is not a problem for you to adapt to the local customs and to work with the local population

Grooming Standards
- It is important to cover knees and shoulders at school at all times.
- Male: t-shirt and long trousers (no jeans) is recommended.
- Female: t-shirt (no low-neck line or singlets) and trousers, skirts or dresses that cover the knees (no high splits in the skirt or dress that would reveal the knees or upper leg)