12 January 2018

Never ever will I forget the moment when I stepped out of the JRO Airport exit and saw the organisation assistant Donald waiting for me and holding a sign with my name on it. That was the moment when my volunteering adventure finally began!

I spent the first night alone in a beautiful new built volunteer house and I was supposed to live there alone for like 1.5 weeks. But of course I wanted company and fortunately I could move the next day to the second volunteer house across the street.
This house became my home and I felt very comfortable there. I learned to value the supply of hot and drinkable tap water and a real shower, which was all available there unlike in normal African houses. Of course you can’t expect the same German hygienic standard in an African house and need to lower one’s sight but I never had a problem with that and was surprised that it was even much better than expected!

My project was an organization that hosts babies. I loved it to go there by typical African public transport every morning. I will also never forget the first time right after entering the centre, when I had two kids on my arms and five others at my legs. Playing, Cuddling and caring about the kids were my tasks and I enjoyed every second of it! Caring and giving love to all these wonderful kids, let them grow so close to my heart. I regretted a lot that I booked only four weeks of volunteering and saying goodbye broke my heart.

Volunteeirng is the perfect opportunity to dive into the African society and everyday life! Using local transport, buying food and other things in the streets helps the local people as well and negotiating about the price became my new passion!

A very important part to mention is the party life in Arusha! We went out for partying very often. There are places where you can meet local people but also other Volunteers. I had the feeling that Arusha is quite safe if you follow the rules and your natural instincts. I just love the African mentality and soon I found many friends among warm-hearted local people.

Leonie always helped quickly whenever I had a question or problem. Anything else was managed very well. Having a housemaid and gardener with lots of do-it-yourself experience was perfect because there was always someone around to help additionally.

All in all I have to say that I had a great and unforgettable time in Africa. I can totally recommend this experience to all open minded people out there. This experience will broaden your horizon and teach you many values! I want to return very badly! J