12 January 2018

Hi all,
I would recommend this trip to everyone! I can hardly describe it but there is something special about Africa. People always told me but only now, since I went to Africa for three months to do my internship at a primary School in Arusha, I understand. They said that once you travelled there it gets into your blood.


Tanzania is a beautiful country with amazingly friendly people and little children who will wave and shout at you and will be so happy if you just smile and wave at them. I was very happy to be able to give something back to these lovely people. I raised money for the School, to give the students dance and drumming classes. And they really loved it! We, as westerners, can learn a lot from them. They can be happy with so little. In Tanzania, you learn to appreciate life and all our luxuries more.


You really have to go to Africa atleast once in your life! I barely touched Africa during my stay, but Africa touched me deeply. And yes, Africa is in my blood.


Thank you Leonie and Tarloch for making this possible. You really do a great job there!