12 January 2018


My name is Bart and I did volunteering work for five months at the football academy in Tanzania. In the beginning I did had to get used to the environment and the new people you meet everyday but on a certain moment you know your way around in town and do you know the other volunteers that come and go.


The program was lots of fun. In the beginning I did lots of work at the office and in the weekends I thought the kids football classes and did we have matches agains other football teams. Later we also had a school project where we went to visit schools and thought the kids football games. These were beautiful locations somewhere in the bush bush.


When you are here you definitely have to go on a big safari trip and take advantage of Tanzania and make all the beautiful trips they offer in the lodge.


It was an amazing time in Tanzania! Thank you all!!


Bart, 22 years old, The Netherlands.