12 January 2018


Being able to do volunteer work for the daycare center in Arusha was really special.

It is wonderful to see that you can make a difference for them in only four short weeks. Teaching children how to make their first steps and stand up on their own, correcting exercises of the school children, teaching them new English words and learning Swahili from them, and so on. The nannies and children are very welcoming and interested.

Also outside of the project people are really nice but can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Just go with it or kindly say no when you are not interested in a product or service.

A must is going on safari. I couldn’t get enough of the wild animals and landscapes. it was a great experience and I want to thank the group of volunteers here and the coordinators for helping me enjoy my time so much.


Femke, 25 years old, The Netherlands.