12 January 2018

Summer 2010 was de summer I got infected with the- oh so pleasant” travel virus. Through my highschool we got the opportunity to join the volunteer agency “Global Exploration” for a 3 week volunteer experience in Tanzania.


I totally fell in Love.


I fell in love with Africa, her breathtaking landscapes, The Big Five, her colourful culture and most of all her heart-warming inhabitants.

These three weeks were full with impressive, unforgettable and sometimes very confronting experiences, which left an indelible impression on my hard drive.


It is not just that I became much more independent and more mature, I also realized in no time that there are so many people, with fewer material possessions that experience nevertheless conceptual happiness


During these three weeks we made friendships for life. One of my “Global Friends” was Iris. She did not just fall in love with Tanzania, but she was one of those people that “obviously fell in love” with one of these beautiful locals. She decided to emigrate. After promising thousands of times I was going to visit, I made my promise come true and booked my ticket, out of the blue in the summer of 2014. This time I was going to travel all alone to “my” Tanzania.


This time I got supervised by “Volunteer in Tanzania”. I was pretty nervous about travelling all alone and the interaction with the locals, all the tensions slid off me the moment I smelt the nostalgic African smell and made my first footprints on African soil.

It felt like coming home.


These three weeks were an unforgettable and amazing time where work, culture, nature and parties was the perfect combination.
Are you considering just like me, to make the big step? Don’t hesitate any longer!
Volunteer in Tanzania will make your expectations come true and surpass.