20 December 2017

My staying in Tanzania was a very important experience for me. I got involved in the culture and the people and it was a pleasure to meet all of them. They are that friendly and especially the children. The people at my project where the most likable persons I ever met. Never less there are always hard situations to deal with like waiting and situations in the children centre. At the centre children are staying that already had so much to manage with in their short lifes. A good reason to come to our comfortable volunteer house and take pleasure in accepting the challenge.

I have had many enriching experiences during my stay in Arusha, Tanzania, and will always be happy to remember the land and its people until my next stay at Volunteer in Tanzania.

We stayed during our stay in a relatively quiet and scenic part of Arusha. The volunteer lodge is beautifully situated and the neighbors and residents of the street have become our friends in the 3 months. The Volunteer Supervisors go out of their way, are always contact persons and also like organizers for excursions. Also, the staff of the “Children’s Home in Arusha have always helped us during our work, with words and deeds. The children there have a very hard time, often without parents to support them and yet are the loveliest people I’ve ever met. The work in the project has given me a lot, even if it is not for volunteers who do not want to impose any responsibility.
In Arusha is so much to experience and we have not even seen everything in the 3 months we were there. Nice local and international restaurants and bars to go in the evening, nice markets and lots of interesting people! You can also book safaris or smaller trips everywhere, such as the National Parks, trips to hot springs or waterfalls. Even Maasai villages or lakes are very nice to look at and the people are very friendly and happy to help, even if prizes are advised and you should always and everywhere negotiate! It is indescribable how beautiful the landscape is. Not to mention the wild animals. Also the food is special, it is quite simple and yet there are many delicious things to try. These include especially fruits and vegetables. For example, you can get to know a different kind of life on Zanzibar, which can be easily reached by bus or plane. There are beautiful beaches and crystal clear water.
All in all, we felt very comfortable in Tanzania and will visit the country and the people as soon as possible!