19 December 2017

I was the first volunteer in Leonie her volunteer program.

Also about the on-site care of Leonie I can only say positive things. She instructed me well and showed me the most important things in Arusha. The accommodation was cool, just a pity that I was the only volunteer at this time, I would have liked to share the apartment with other volunteers

I came in august 2013 and volunteered at one of the primary schools Volunteer in Tanzania is working with. The school project was a special experience, it was fun to play with the children or to show them the functions of the computers. As white (Muzungu) you are already a Atraktion there ;-)! I taught mostly sports. It was amazing to see how I could make a difference in the day of the children by teaching them how to play football and little skills. Just to see the smile on their face because you are playing with them, gave me a satisfying feeling. However, it was not always so well organized. There was a lack of a clear structure – task sequence, it was often chaotic because sometimes the children came too late, no teachers were there, and also with the language it was not always easy to communicate with the children, since they hardly spoke any English.

The 4 day safari was a great adventure, and the ascent of the Kilimanjaro was a unique experience. Seeing how a lion catches a zebra was a very special and a rare experience, I will never forget it. Besides that I climbed the Kilimanjaro. I expected a very tough climb, but I finished climbing the mountain in 4 days. I will never forget the moment I reached the summit, standing there…. on top of the biggest freestanding mountain of the world. In the end I flew to Zanzibar for 1 week beach holiday.

I did a lot and had very varied weeks. The tourist things like Kili or Safari are very expensive which I did not think, but I would do it again.

Asante Sana for the organization !!!

Thanks for this amazing experience Leonie!!

Greetings from Switzerland.