12 January 2018

My name is Ellie (28) and I’m from Holland. My trip t Tanzania was different then I expected. I’d expect to travel and be alone in Tanzania but the lodge is a very warm and welcome place. I volunteered in the street girl shelter where I focused on teaching the girls how to sew. in the shelter is a sewing room with pedal machines where the girls make dresses (for kids) and bags. When you volunteer at the shelter they will make you part of the family which means that you are invited to join local lunches. When you decide to volunteer in Tanzania you should expect;

– The most delicious fresh fruits on the market;

– A lovely cappuchino at Africafe;

– Traveling by Piki Piki & Dala Dala;

– A lot of friendly people;

– Cold showers & Powercuts;

– An amazing experience.


Thank you all for everything!!